Current Release

2016 Grenache, John Sebastiano Vineyard

Our John Sebastiano Vineyard Grenache grows on a steep, southeast facing hillside of fascinating diversity.  On the eastern edge, the block is almost pure sand, while as one moves to the west, there is heavier clay loam mixed with the sand.  Moving west the block contains longer rows which start at higher elevation and extend to lower elevation than the eastern rows.  As a result, we pick this block in several different passes, sometimes as much as two weeks apart.  Due to the cool western location and steep windy aspect, this block enjoys a long cool growing season, giving excellent aroma and flavor compounds at lower sugars, with solid acidity. We ferment the grapes from each pick with differing percentages of whole clusters based upon fruit and stem character of each section. The sandier sections tend to give smaller clusters with more high-toned aromatics, and good spicy stems.  The more heavily clay sections provide weight, structure and depth. We blend the diverse wines from these sections to make a finished wine that is typically cool, energetic and mineral-laden, with high toned red and black fruits, and great aromatics. Extremely Limited. Only 220 cases produced.